Project Hiatus.


Thank you.



This isn’t an easy one to write…



When I first posted the Wayfarer online it was immediately met with an incredible response: Hundreds of comments provided feedback that went on to shape the final version, iteration after iteration. Each step of the way, the Wayfarer became a stronger enthusiast timepiece that reviewers have called better “than a £400 watch has any right to”.


You have helped this campaign raise over £50.000, thank you for the fantastic support! The past week I went over the numbers again – Whilst the current amount raised is enough for an initial production run of 300 watches, along with additional factors, it would not enable long-term operations to go as smoothly as first planned:


  • Sourcing the movement has become more difficult over the last month, which would push project completion to March/April.
  • The coming months may see an impact to the political/economic climate of the UK, which may influence the pound value further, alongside introducing logistical challenges.
  • Therefore, long-term profitability cannot be ensured. This does not only include the delivery of the Wayfarer itself, but a flawless after-sales experience, and upcoming project launches.


It was always of great importance to create not only a standout watch, but make sure the company goes above and beyond in how it approaches its customers and community. As this now hangs in the balance, the project will enter a hiatus for now. All backers will be refunded immediately.


My apologies to everyone who was looking forward to receiving their Wayfarer in January, it has not been an easy decision to make.


Together with you it has been an inspiring journey towards creating a standout watch that truly represents something special. It allowed for a deep dive into a community of enthusiasts with incredible insights, deep knowledge and a passion for watches.


As there is no re-launch on the horizon currently, I hope you consider supporting the fantastic microbrands out there that are currently pushing the envelope in their own right.


Thank you for this great journey, it’s been a rewarding one, and I hope it continues in due course,


Take care,





6 thoughts on “Project Hiatus.

  1. Peter says:

    Hi Philipp,

    I just came across a review for this watch on the Relative Time YouTube channel, and just want to say it’s a real shame you don’t feel that you can continue with this project. It really is a handsome looking piece that I’d be happy to own should you ever restart it.

    Best of luck to you.


    • Philipp (Akura) says:

      Thank you, Peter! If there are future developments I will update everyone through social media/the newsletter. Take care!

  2. Neelay Shah says:

    Really loved the timepiece. It’s very sad to know that the operations are not in flow.
    Hope tos we the production begin soon.

  3. Mike says:

    Hi Philipp

    Sorry to read the email, disappointed for you and everyone involved.
    Keep your chin up and try again, don’t let all that work over the last few years go to waste. You will have a great deal of knowledge under your belt now.
    All the best and good fortune for the future.

    Regards, Mike

    • Philipp (Akura) says:

      Thank you, Mike! Looking forward to what’s next, and will be keeping an eye on the developments in the next few months. Thank you for supporting the project, creating the Wayfarer has been a joy!

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